Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 race license

for 2014 i will be going with a green lantern theme race license... green lantern quote..."in brightest day... in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power -- Green Lantern's light!".  not sure how that applys to raceing a bike but it rhymes.






Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wondertec bongo bike trailer, large grocery run


here i am  using my bike trailer for the second time. first time i was just carrying about 30 lbs. i could feel the wight but it wasn't bad (the resistance kinda felt like riding through mud/ loose dirt). this time i went to get groceries. had over 100lbs load. it felt out of control riding faster than 10mph but did the job!

trailer: Wondertec bongo (small)

bin that i mounted to it: HDX 27gallon tote

Friday, June 7, 2013

Scott Vanish EVO Helmet Review 2013

Scott makes a mountain and a road version of the Vanish EVO helmet and woman specific versions but as far as I can tell the only differences are the colors scheme and that the mountain helmets include a visor.

Mountain Versions...

Road Vertions...

  Woman's Mountain...
Woman's Road...

The first thing that is apparent is that the helmet seems to have more square inches of vent openings than any other I've seen. The vents are big and numerous.

The style is nice it kinda reminds me of the boxy stealth fighter .
Vanish EVO probably avoids detection by radar too.

It has a very comfy fit. I've talked to other teammates that were impressed by the feel as well. The adjustment knob on back is on a plastic strap that wraps far down on the back of the head. The low location of the strap on the back of the head lets it pulls the helmet down very securely.

The helmet feels so secure with the adjustment knob/strap in the back that with it adjusted comfortably I can swing my head around and tip it upside down with out it falling off without even bucking the strap tat goes under the chin.

The whole helmet seems to sit lower on my head than most helmets. There is more coverage on the sides and especially more on the back than what I am used to. The extra coverage and the sung fit combine gives me a sense of security when wearing this helmet.

Here is the technology that scott used in this helment...

ConeHead™ technology : using several desitys of foam, one to act as a crumple zone and the other to maintain the shape of the helmet

MRAS II fit system: MRAS stands for The Micro Rotary Adjustment System. It's the name scott gives to the their adjustment knob on the back of the helment.

Cam Dividers: Little buckles that make adjusting the chin straps easy.

The helment weighs 262 grams

It comes in Small Mediem and Large. I wear a medium and have a 22.75"  head.

Comes with extra pads and a helment bag.

Overall... Great helmet for road or mountain, very secure and comfortable feel. The only downside I can think of would be for those who are bold/ shaved head will get some big striped sunburns on their forehead from the big vents.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Sunday June 2nd Jeff and Mike participated in the 1st annual NoVa epic presented by MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts) and FCPA (the Fairfax County Parks Authority). MORE is a non-profit organization that maintains/ builds trails in 41 state and county parks in the Mid-Atlantic area working with and coordinating volunteers and working with government park agencies to maximize the amount and quality of multi-use trails for the region.

The NoVa epic event offered 20, 40 and 65-mile courses with many aid stations (with food and drink options), tee shirt, party with live band dinner and drinks for a fair price ($65/65miles).  Proceeds went to MORE and its volunteer efforts to build and maintain trails in the mid Atlantic region.

Mike and Jeff participated in the 65-mile ride. The 65-mile ride was a point to point starting at Laurel Hill park in Lorton, VA and finishing in Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA. The trail wound through several other parks. 

Despite doing many of theses trails before during some long-distance winter and spring training rides, we were introduced to some new trails that we previously didn't know about.

All and all it was a fun full day on the bike, we found some new trails and were able to help trail building in the area.
free tee shirt

early on stopping to check for ticks

didn't see any snakes but heard and saw some cicadas

tick country

Jeff signaling a turn

35 miles in

wheelie practice on road sections

met up with Ian and Sunny

Bikenetic helping with an aid station



filling up

BBQ aid station, heavy stomachs after this stop

mmmmm... good stuff
knee table

Ian going for 2nds

Jeff going for seconds too

Sunny leading

Jeff ripping up lake fairfax park

post ride party

post ride party

post ride band

post ride meal